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I retired in June, 2001, and Sharon retired on Feb 1, 2003, after 25 years with the Haddon Twp School System. I turned 81 years old on Feb 20th, 2018. We live in Beach Haven, NJ. Our Beach Haven phone number is: 609-492-3534, for those of you that may want to reach us.

I have a long history on LBI: both sets of grand parents lived on the island year round since 1917, and my Mom retired here also.

 Please refer to my new "BLOG PAGE" on this site for periodic updates as  to what Sharon and I are up to.

To contact us for more information, please email me at David@modernpictorials.com, or phone us at 609-492-3534. 

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David Robert Gurtcheff

David  was born February 20, 1937 and is a second generation, self-taught photographer and print maker. David is a retired Project/Mechanical Engineer.  David graduated from Drexel University Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a Masters Degree in Engineering Management.

David is an ex-member of the Miniature Camera Club of Philadelphia, and past president. He was also a member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA), and Fellow of the Delaware Valley Council of Camera Clubs. PSA named David a three star exhibitor having had 160 prints accepted in juried PSA approved international exhibitions. In the year 1972 PSA ranked David as the 22nd leading color print exhibitor in the world.

David and Sharon were married Feb 7, 1959, and have three sons: Glenn, who lives in Minnesota, Jeffrey, who lives in Florida, and Gary, who resides in Indiana. All three boys have families, and we have 8 grandchildren.



For those desiring to purchase fine art prints, each print, both color and monochrome, are individually printed by the photographer himself. David also personally mats and frames each print. No outside labs or technicians are ever utilized. Each print is tastefully titled and signed. The finest name brand archival materials, papers and framing materials are used. Prints are mounted with museum quality archival corners to acid free rigid fome-cor backing for easy removal should the need arise. Acid Free over mats can be replaced.


Color or Monochrome prints:

13"x19" print, matted, signed and framed, 18"x24" frame: $175.00

16"x24" print, matted, signed and framed, 24"x30" frame:  $250.00

20"x30" print, matted, signed and framed, 30"x36" frame:  $400.00

The Triptych  (three framed prints, image D 275), is printed in one size only: 16"x24" prints and 19"x27" mats and frames, and is priced at $600 for the set of three.

NOTE: The new medium format camera I am now sometimes using produces an image with 4:3 aspect ratio, unlike 35mm full frame's 3:2, so the images will be a slightly different size. They are 14.25"x19", 17"x22.7", and 24"x32". Frame sizes are the same.

If you wish to supply your own frame & glass, David will print, mount, mat and sign and title at $50.00 less than the above prices.  If you can not pick up the print, it is possible to send it via UPS or FedEx.

SHIPPING: For those prints sent via UPS, an additional charge of $10.00 is added to procure corrugated & bubble wrap packing materials. UPS shipping charges are billed at cost.


I recently recovered my Father's lost negatives. They were lost for 72 years. There is a new web page on my site dedicated to his images, which I have reprinted from the original negatives. There has been great interest in purchasing his work. Print sizes and prices are as follows:

11"x14" print, matted, signed and framed , 16"x20" frame: $150.00

14"x19" print, matted, signed and framed, 20"x24" frame: $200.00

If you wish to supply your own frame and glass for Alexander Gurtcheff images, deduct $35.00 for the 16"x20" size, and $50.00 for the 20"x24" size.

Note Cards:

10 Notecards, with envelopes; two different images per set: $25.00. Please note that our Notecards are not mass produced. They are printed individually, on order, by yours truly. MORE DETAILS ARE HERE.


We have recently completed a DVD slide show of my LBI Photography Work. It contains over 300 images, is about 35 minutes long, and capsulizes over 50 years of my work. It is set to solo piano background music. It sells for $29.95. There is an 8 minute "teaser" version on Youtube. Search under "LBI Memories, Part 1". MORE DETAILS ARE HERE.

IMAGES AT BUCKALEW'S. We have made an arrangement with Buckalew's Restaurant & Tavern in Beach Haven, NJ to put our prints in their facility. We currently have 75 prints on display ranging in size from 20"x24" up to 30"x36".


NEW! Please see the new page ALEXANDER GURTCHEFF. My Father's  negatives were lost for 72 years and recently recovered and returned to me.